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Why is Your Aircon Leaking Water?

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Aircon Leaking water

For those of you who have stayed for even a month in Singapore know that an Aircon conditioner is a must to live here. The climate of Singapore forces you to have an aircon in your house. But no matter which aircon you choose, every brand will show some problems in a few years like change in weather, over or under usage, lack of maintenance, etc. Due to these reasons, an aircon is set to show some issues- leaking or dripping of water from your aircon being one of them. Some people take a leaky aircon lightly and don’t quite often address the issue immediately. This can lead to serious damage to the property as a faulty aircon can damage your ceilings, walls, and whatever is around the air conditioner. It is recommended to call a professional or a technician whenever you notice that your aircon is experiencing a water leak.

Reasons for Aircon Leaking or Dripping Water:

There are a lot of possible reasons why water can leak from an aircon. Below are the most common listed reasons for aircon leaking water or aircon dripping water:

  • Air leak

This is one of the most common reasons why water leaks from an aircon. Air that reaches the aircon is supposed to pass through the vent. But if the air does not pass through the vent, it means that there is an air leak problem with your aircon and therefore the dripping of water and the aircon not functioning optimally.

Now, you can’t just sit and do nothing right? So, what should you do? Observe and test the equipment and check for any kind of leakage around the grates of the vent. If you see an air leak, take it as a green signal to call a technician.

  • Blocked Aircon Filter

A blocked aircon filter is common and happens almost in every Aircon no matter which brand you buy. A blocked filter will disrupt the flow of air into the aircon’s system. Due to this, the air freezes on the filter and when the aircon is switched off or when it reaches the desired temperature, the frozen air on the filter melts, and therefore you experience a leak in the aircon.

  • Clogged Aircon Filter

A clogged air filter will interrupt the airflow from reaching the evaporator which will lead to a temperature drop. Due to this, if the coil becomes too cold it will freeze. The indoor unit stops taking in air to the interior when the aircon is turned off thus resulting in the frozen air melting away or warming out. If this melted ice fills the drip tray capacity then your aircon starts leaking immediately and automatically.

  • Broken Pump

There is something called a condensation pump in an aircon whose main work is to prevent any kind of water leakage. This pump is present below the cooling coil. If this pump breaks down or experiences any kind of damage or discrepancy in its work, your aircon will start leaking thus increasing your work and also stress.

  • Clogging of the Drain Line

Whenever there is an over-accumulation of mold, dirt, fungi, and debris, the drain line gets clogged hence delaying the flow of water out of the aircon. This may lead to too much water being stocked inside the aircon thereby making it dysfunctional. What is worse os that Singapore’s weather adds on to the problem by making it worse. The inflow and outflow of water into and outside the aircon is greatly affected by the tropical climate of Singapore.

  • Improper Installation

The whole problem begins with the improper installation of the aircon. What you need to always take care of is that the front part is cooler than the rear end. This will ensure systematic drainage of the water which will in turn prevent water leakage and dripping of water.

Aircon is a means of relief and we need to make sure that it remains that way and doesn’t add on to our stress. Timely care and maintenance of the aircon will make your life a lot simpler, better, and easier. You can always rely on us for timely repair and maintenance services if your aircon and enjoy our punctual and prompt services all of which are available at reasonable and affordable prices.

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