Aircon Chemical Wash

chemical wash

aircon chemical wash
aircon chemical wash price

aircon chemical wash price

aircon chemical wash price

ac chemical wash

Aircon chemical wash refers to the process followed when cleaning all the internal components of the air conditioning unit. Cleaning involves the use of chemicals. The entire process will involve dismantling certain inner parts of the aircon. The components in question include the condenser, filters, and evaporator coils.

Once dismantled the components get dipped into a chemical solution. Immersing them in the chemical solution helps to get rid of any corrosive acids present in the internal parts. It also aids in removing any sticky debris present.

In some cases, the air conditioner technician could also need to flush a chemical solution into the internal drainage pipes. It is highly recommended that you only work with an acclaimed and accredited Singaporean air conditioning company to guarantee the best results from a aircon chemical wash,

The scope of Work in an AirconChemical Wash

  • Checking to make sure that the electrical contacts are properly tightened
  • Cleaning and inspecting the front cover, panel, and filter
  • Purifying, deodorizing, and checking the filter
  • Inspecting the discharge pressure and compressor suction
  • Vacuuming the drainage system
  • Inspecting and cleaning the indoor evaporator coil
  • Inspecting and cleaning the indoor drainage tray

Aircon pricing varies depending on the FCU. The prices start from $55/FCU for 10 FCU and above. The highest price you can pay for a chemical wash is $350 for 5 FCU.

What Takes Place During an Aircon Chemical Wash?

The technician immerses the parts in a chemical solution to ensure that any scales or dirt that have accumulated on the parts gets dissolves. The pipes and drainage also get flushed using the chemical solution.

In addition to the chemical wash, the servicing technician or company will also perform some additional tasks. They can include checking thermostats and controls, as well as finally testing the air conditioning unit.

This is the sole reason why the chemical wash is in some cases referred to as a chemical overhaul. The objective of this process is to ensure that the air conditioning unit gets back to its “new-like” state.

It is best to have a chemical wash performed once every twelve months. When it comes to old units that have not operated for some time, begin by performing a chemical wash before having them installed. The wash will assist in significantly improving their state.

Benefits of Having a Aircon Chemical Wash

After the chemical wash, you will get to notice a significant change in your air conditioning unit. Any pre-existing leaking conditions will get resolved. If there were a bad odor before, it would also go away. The chemical wash, therefore, is a great way to get air circulating in your Singaporean home once again.

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