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We offer a quick and straightforward replacement process for our customers. We want to ensure that your AC can get back to running in no time, and you don’t have to shed a lot of cash. Our extensive customer service ensures all your needs are adequately fulfilled and none of your time is wasted.

We start our troubleshooting process by always running deep inspections. This assists us in determining if the problem is with the unit itself or some parts of it. If the problem is with a specific component, we would take the part off and proceed.

Our dedicated team of experts has all the necessary equipment and parts to get your AC running in its top condition. We want to ensure that you can easily continue with your life as soon as we step into your home. Moreover, we use authentic and genuine parts for all our replacement packages, taking components from the manufacturers themselves.


here’s a list of steps that explain the components of an air conditioning system:

1. **Fan Coil Unit**
– Located inside the home or building.
– Contains the blower that circulates air.
– Houses the evaporator coil that cools the air.


2. **Condenser Unit**
– Located outside the home or building.
– Houses the compressor which pumps refrigerant.
– Contains the condenser coil that releases heat from the refrigerant.


3. **Refrigerant Lines**
– Copper pipes that connect the indoor and outdoor units.
– Carry refrigerant between the evaporator and condenser coils.


4. **Thermostat**
– Controls the temperature setting of the air conditioning system.
– Communicates with the air handler to regulate cooling.


5. **Air Filter**
– Cleans the air by trapping dust, dirt, and other particles.
– Located within the air handler unit.


6. **Ductwork**
– Channels cooled air from the air handler to different rooms.
– Should be free of leaks for optimal efficiency.


7. **Drain Pan and Line**
– Collects condensation produced by the evaporator coil.
– Ensures proper drainage to prevent water damage.


8. **Fan**
– Assists in the heat exchange process in both the indoor and outdoor units.
– Helps circulate air throughout the space.

These components work together to cool and circulate air within a space effectively.

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