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Aircone Services in Carrier Aircon

Aircon Services in Carrier Aircon

Carrier Aircon is an aircon servicing, sales and maintenance company found in Singapore. Carrier is a company that has been in operation for so many years here in Singapore and it is proudly for provision of quality aircon servicing and maintenance services which makes it an outstanding and one of the top brands in Singapore.  When you visit this company, you will come across a group of highly experienced workforce who are trained and trusted in providing exceptional services, for that matter we have worked closely with our clients to ensure that we satisfy the customer desire.

This company is always determined to offer affordable quality services at every customers’ convenience, realizing that customers shall have no compromise with their indoor lifestyles. That ability of providing high quality services to the customers has gained a lot of fame and trust to the company hence attracting more customers each and every day.

One of the best fields this company is a top rank is troubleshooting aircon services. The professionals from this company keenly inspect every part of your air conditioner to make sure that they understand each and faulty area before engaging their reliable repair services. The workforce usually follows closely the carrier checklist while inspecting your air conditioning unit to ensure they do not skip any step according to their servicing protocol.

It does not matter what the problem is within your unit, may it be simple or complex, you have to be assured that the available team of experts have adequate skills and the expertise to have it solved to the root leaving your air conditioning unit restored and functioning normally, the company always guarantee our workability.

The workers in carrier will trace any defect within your air condition unit and pin point its failure. Afterwards, they will advise you with the best prescription or any possible alternatives as far as the aircon is concerned and listen to your view before your aircon gets fixed.

The companies’ resolution alternatives on aircon repair and maintenance incorporates air conditioner parts and labor in relation to the aircon repair, replacement or total overhaul. We recommend that if the repair costs exceeds then you are supposed to get a new one.

Services Provided

Carrier aircon repair and maintenance services are available to anyone who is in need of them, services offered by carrier aircon are:

Thorough cleaning of front cover and aircon flaps

Inspecting by checki9ng and cleaning the aircon filters

Thorough cleaning and vacuuming of evaporator coil

Keen checking and topping up of gas and refrigerants

Cleaning and vacuuming of drainage system

Checking and oiling the fan bearing when necessary

Checking compressors and condensers


With carrier being the foremost brand in Singapore, the company can provide the coolest and the freshest indoor environment through their recommendable gas to up services.  This service is offered whenever there is insufficient aircon refrigerant. There are some essential measures that should be taken before performing the activity of doing gas top up which is, checking and sealing any necessary leakage within the unit. This is fundamental activity that should be done to ensure after gas top up there won’t be any unnecessary leaks that in return would result in malfunctioning of the entire system.

There are different aspects that may lead to gas spillage and one of such aspects is pressure. Other variables that may cause gas spillage include improper installation which is one of the most failing variable if you choose a non-experienced team during installation. Other variables are use of low quality copper tubing alongside poor workmanship. If at all any of the above mentioned variables occur, the companies’ team of experts will give clear advise on what should be done and when they are done then you will be there enjoying a fresh cool services of your aircon.

After aircon repair services are done, a through test of the unit is conducted to ensure achievement of wonderful services with all conditioners left in tip top condition before handing over the unit to the customer. This way ensures no complains will be raised and the team of workers is contented with their services just as the customer is left satisfied.

The reason why you can experience continued failure with your aircon system is probably by avoiding minor repairs which with time turns to be big problems that may cost you a lot of money or even require you to replace the whole unit something that can be costly. Everyone is advised to seek repair and maintenance services from a trusted company that is in a position to ensure achievement of best results.

Carrier aircon servicing which is in Singapore is capable of providing worthwhile aircon system upkeep services routinely in order to ensure less breakdown and major aircon failures. The company provides servicing packages to help in carrier maintenance. At the same time, services to customers who owns other brands such as Panasonic, Toshiba Mitsubishi and the many others are offered, we never select brands or work selectively. In case you need to get more information about Carrier aircon services, you contact the company and the customer care will serve you and provide you with every piece of information needed.

Benefits Achieved at Work or At Home

Comfort enhancement

Enhancement of productivity and thoughts

Lowering temperatures and reducing the proximity of bugs and parasite.

Outside dusts is prevented by an enclosed air conditioning area

Well maintained aircon units recharges and enhances air quality

Aircon servicing measures such as repair and maintenance should be applied at all times by approaching reputable and experienced companies that provides such services. You will avoid lots of costs that may be incurred later. The core purpose of air conditioner is to provide cool environment that at any case should not be harmful to those within the environment and that is maintenance services like cleaning and disinfecting the aircon are very essential and should be practiced often. Carrier aircon is worthy conducting every sort of maintenance and repair required any time by anyone.

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