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Air conditioning is a major concern in Singapore. Many offices as well as residential houses not forgetting the industries seams incomplete without an air conditioner. Companies manufacturing air conditioners in Singapore have over the years taken this into consideration. With the rising demand for quality air conditioners, Midea Company has been on the run to satisfy the market. The company has over the years maintained quality. Positive feedback from happy customers among other things is enough evidence that the company is a perfect choice for many, if you live in Singapore and your next project is building a house, then make sure to try midea air conditioners. The company has continuously manufactured model after model to maintain its legacy. The models are easily available in electronics shops allover Singapore. To help you settle for the model that is going to serve you best, here are a number of midea air conditioners’ model Singapore has for you.


It is one of the most common models in Singapore with the best services. The air conditioners has what it takes to leave you a happy customer. With a capacity of 8.0 kg, the model is ideal for home use as well as office. The brand comes with a desirable level of efficiency. With up to 16 wash cycles, the model has everything to be desired. Midea MCF868W comes with a child lock option aimed at enhancing safety measures. It comes in white color. Midea MCF868W comes with an amazing deal of warrant where the first year offers a full warrant and the second year covers other parts. The motor is warranted at six years. It is characterized by.

1. Low power consumption.

  • Child lock for safety purposes.
  • Ability to work in any environment.
  1. Indoor Unit MS11MI

This is another amazing brand that has won the hearts of many Singaporeans. The model has a number of features that has made it to maintain its reputation. Some of the features include;

  • Ability to Save Energy.
  • A user friendly operation.
  • Provides Fast Cooling effect.


With numerous amazing features, the MIDEA MRM584S SIDE BY SIDE FRIDGE (GROSS 584L) model has one of the best looking design. With its amazing shape, the model comes with special capabilities. Some of the major features includes;

  • Faster cooling ability.
  • Ability to save energy

Indoor Unit SMKP-09 x 2

The model has an amazing rate at which it generate cooling air. With its amazing shape,   Indoor Unit SMKP-09 x 2 is able to distribute cooling air within a short time. Its features include;

  • Ability to let in sufficient air.
  • Ability to work under any weather.

Outdoor Unit MS4OD-32

The model has been properly designed with major factors considered to ensure efficiency to the maximum. The design provides proper air circulation, such that more air can easily find its way in. With sufficient air let in, cooling is quite easy. Some of the features include;

  • Saves energy.

The model is designed with low power components to ensure that only a little power is needed to run it. The model does not suffer from frequent breakdowns whatsoever. With this, you can enjoy long durations of comfort without any disruptions.

  • Easy to clean surface.

With side to side opening doors, the model is quite easy to clean and maintain any time.

Indoor Unit SMKS-09 x 4.

With the introduction of the AF50MS3MCEE model in the market, long distance air condition gained a dipper meaning. This is evidenced in the fact that the air conditioner is capable of cooling the air in a much greater radius as compared to many others. The model has amazing features that includes.

  • Has anti corrosion fin.

With the fact that the surface of this model can never corrode, you can be assured that the lifespan of the conditioner is highly enhanced. Corrosion shortens the lifespan greatly hence diminishing the durability. Its heat exchanger fin is built to battle any corrosion.

  • Ability to distribute cool air further.

It is designed with an auto shutter that opens and closes gently. This reveals the flaps at a specific time, basically only when the conditioner has been turned on. This feature guards the air conditioner from foreign dust particles protecting them form build up on the surface.

Other capabilities includes;

  • Ability to Save Energy.
  • Provides Fast Cooling effect.
  • A user friendly operation

Midea OS Premium Series.

This is an amazing air conditioner from Midea that comes packaged with amazing features to serve you the best way possible. It comes with a smart control option making it very easy to switch between various settings. The model comes in white color with an elegant design and shape. Midea OS Premium Series works amazingly with modern technologies. It is characterized by;

  • Fast cooling effect.

The model takes minimal time from the time it is switched on to provide cool air. This is made possible by the fact that it is able to release sufficient air at the outlets.

  • Smart control option that makes it compatible with smart phones.

This feature makes it enjoyable as well as less complicated to operate. The fact that it can be controlled remotely using a smartphone makes it very fast in operation.

  • Ability to save energy.

With the model installed in your building, power consumption is never a major worry since the conditioner has been designed to consume just a reasonable amount of energy to keep you comfortable as much as fresh air is concerned.

Midea has built big brand and is known for manufacturing high quality air conditioners. Their air conditioners are a major icon since a wide variety of their air conditioner models have earned an unmatched reputation around Singapore. Quality is an identity that the company has maintained through many years. From customer reviews, we can all confirm the amazing ratings they have been awarded. The company remains a Global icon up to date. The company continues to lead in air conditioning and the future is promising.

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