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Why Does Your Aircon Compressor Stopped Working

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Why has your Aircon Compressor stopped working

Just like how you cannot live without an Aircon in your life to protect yourself from the horrible temperature, similarly, an Aircon cannot live rather function without a compressor. A faulty compressor can create a lot of problems in the Aircon. You can even hear weird noises sometimes if there is something wrong with the compressor. Worst case, a bad compressor will shutdown your Aircon at any time and anyday! It is always recommended to get your Aircon serviced regularly because if you do not get it serviced then there is a good chance that you may never get to know what’s happening with the components of an Aircon and by the time you get to know, it would be too late! A compressor has a lifespan of 15 years and won’t go bad before that in most cases but it also depends on the user and how he or she uses the Aircon unit. Whatever the case, you need to get it serviced at regular intervals to avoid major damage in the making!

A compressor can fail due to many reasons but there are two things that you need to remember and understand. They are:

  1. If you are able to understand what is wrong with your Aircon rather with your compressor, you will be able to fix the faults in time and there won’t be any need for replacement of the compressor.
  2. At times, there are more inbuilt issues that fail the compressor. So if you replace the compressor without adressing those underlying issues, your new compressor still won’t work.

Now let’s look at the reasons that makes a compressor stop working

Reasons for a Compressor’s Failure

  • Dirty Coils

If your coils have dirt, debris or molds all over, then the Aircon cannot take away the heat from the room and provide cool air. In such a case, the Aircon is forced to run constantly to provide cool air to you. This puts a lot of pressure on the compressor causing it to stop working completely.

  • Blocked Suction Lines

Any kind of blockage in the section lines or in the refrigerant will reduce the cooling capacity of the entire unit. This blockage needs to be taken care of as soon as possible otherwise the compressor gets overheated and over pressurised causing for a complete breakdown of the compressor.

  • Low Refrigerant Charge

Sometimes, holes and cracks develop along the refrigerant lines of an Aircon system due to which the Aircon leaks refrigerant. Due to this, the compressor needs to work extra hard to cool your space by pumping in more refrigerant into the system. This exerts too much pressure on the compressor which gives way to the compressor shutting down.

  • Electrical Problems

There are some acids that get collected if there is any kind of electrical problem. These acids not only destroy the compressor but are also very harmful to the other parts of the system. Make sure to call the electrician and get all the parts and accessories completely checked and serviced. The presence of acids also needs to be checked.

  • Inadequate Oil Lubricant

Can you function without water and food? No, right? Similarly, an Aircon cannot function without oil. If there is insufficient oil in the Aircon, a lot of problems arise- compressor faillure being one of them. In order to know whether the system has enough oil or not, you need to keep in mind to keep checking the condition of your Aircon.

Now that we know the reasons behind the failure of a compressor, it becomes quite clear that whenever something goes wrong with your Aircon, you immediately need to call an experienced electrician or a technician. This is where we come in. Our team of experts and trained professionals are at your service. We understand every big and small bit about an Aircon and are perfectly equipped to serve any kind of repair needs. Call us and experience the best customer service ever.

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