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Fujitsu is an aircon company that for so many years has been known for manufacturing high quality electrical machines that provide comfort inside a building. It is a trusted company and it is proudly for offering recommendable services that has for a long period of time left its customers praising the company for its dedication to great work.

The company provides its customers with a warranty service on every air conditioner purchase, which in turn you avail for all locally available products. One of the greatest Fujitsu strengths is in-house servicing. Still other brands find Fujitsu a good top notch company and therefore they at times seek their aircon servicing services. Fujitsu is a company that has dedicated its services to many and trained so many professionals on how to deliver outstanding quality services like cleaning, repair, maintenance and aircon installations services. The company is specialized in two types of units which are indoor units and outdoor units. Let us look at every unit type.

In-door Units

Fujitsu air conditioner products creates an ambient environment inside your house, office or room. These products have excellent customer service not forgetting they are surely environmentally friendly. With regard to indoor system units, you may have it suspended on the ceiling, hugging on the wall or placed on the floor. The indoor units provides cooling of the room regardless of its position within the room.

With the improved air function, air condition unit allows the system to deliver adequate clean air to the area within the room that needs to be cooled in a consisted effect. These units operates in an efficient way and they are usually good energy savers an aspect which makes them great products that can be used by anyone.

Alternatively, you can install a split system that will have an indoor unit connected to an outdoor unit right away. The indoor aircon units can simply be installed hassle free with properly connected pipes connected. You always have a chance to install an outdoor aircon system unit that can still carry on cooling activities as needed.

The Fujitsu air conditioners are locally available in three types which are wall mounted, compact cassette and slim duct. With the combination of this units, you get a multi-split system which can be used to cool different areas of a building ensuring the required cooling is distributed as needed in every room. These system units usually have their own features which make them modern and classic air conditioners. Fujitsu has many types of air conditioners We are going to look at these types explaining a bit of each:

  • NocriaX

This is a wall mounted mono split air conditioner unit made by General Fujitsu limited. Its installation work is simple and easy to install since it is wall mounted. It has a pursued airflow control and it has energy saving capability and dual side fan equipped. There is comfortable air flow in order to prevent body from being directly exposed to the airflow. A comfortable space can be created with hybrid Airflow combining different temperatures of air velocity and current.

Filter auto clean

Power can be wasted by clogged filter therefore dust is automatically removed from the filter.

Plasma Air Clean

An electric dust collecting technology is used to clean air and other pollutants such as pollen, dust particles and other tiny particles are removed by the use of static electricity.

Human Sensor

The human sensor helps in detecting human movements within the room and by that case it reduces activity when there is no one in the room.

ASTG line of lifestyle air conditioners

  • Airstage VRF

This is a wall mounted type of aircon by Fujitsu General Company that is designed to offer comfort solution to temperatures in buildings. This type of air conditioner is suitable for almost any size of the building since it is very powerful, it is capable of providing efficient heating or cooling within domestic or commercial premises. This model is available for purchase in the market with a service warranty provided.

  • Slimline

Slimline is an aircon model from Fujitsu that is designed in compact design which can suitably fit into most ceiling spaces, this aspect makes it ideal for discreet installation. It can be operated easily by the use of central LCD control. It is quiet and efficient and it is easily maintained providing ideal comfort.

  • High Static – Single Phase

This is a Fujitsu General company’s aircon product model known as High static-single phase that allows more air ducts to install. High static single phase air conditioner is designed to be slim and compact, this means it can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. It is optional zone control and it is able to allow 8 zone to be connected to it hence giving greater temperature control to ensure total satisfaction to the users.

Some of other Fujitsu models types are:

High Static –Three Phase


J-Series, Bulkhead,

Outdoor Units

Split system, multi-split system and VRF system air conditioners are the newest aircon models which are now available in the market for purchase. The above mentioned out door system units have the capacity to deliver cool air as required in multiple indoor units in spite of one unit.

With the operation of the outdoor units being separate, it allows the indoor units operate separately. There is availability of the energy saving options which you can use to save energy by reducing the loads of outdoor units while they are in operation and this depends on the outside condition.

Fujitsu Aircon Company being one of the best aircon companies has lots of good deals for the people who are in need of ambience provided by their cooling machines in houses. With variety of aircon models, Fujitsu serves the need to both domestic and commercial air conditioning needs in Singapore. Other brands know the expertise of Fujitsu Company and that is why at times you will find other brands seeking aircon services from Fujitsu. Customers who have ever been served by this company recommends it as the best aircon company.