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Why does the Aircon Shutdown?

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Why does the Aircon Shutdown

We all know how irritating it can get when the Aircon turns off suddenly without any warning or a sign rather without our permission. Imagine you do all the hardwork of turning on the Aircon to cool your space and the room starts getting cooler but not completely and boom, your Aircon goes off!! Isn’t that horrible? When an Aircon shuts down randomly, it is problematic for the owners and for the entire Aircon unit itself. Turning your Aircon on and off again and again reduces the efficiency of the Aircon and also consumes more power than usual therby increasing your electricity bill.

Why does the Aircon shut down randomly? Let’s find out!

Why does the Aircon Shutdown?

There are many reasons why an Aircon experiences sudden shut down. Let’s have a look at the few most important ones:

  • Thermostat Issues

A thermostat is the main component in controlling the cooling cycle as it detects the temperature outside and gives instructions to the condenser to perform it’s work. A thermostat is responsible for controlling the temperature of your entire space and hence it becomes absolutely necessary that it works properly. If a thermostat is faulty, it won’t be able to instruct the condenser on ehat should be done which will cause and Aircon to shut down!

  • Bad Thermostat Placement

Not just a thermostat, but almost everything in life works well if placed at the right place. A thermostat, if placed wrongly, will give inaccurate readings and cause an Aircon to not function properly which will result in a shut down. A thermostat if placed near a window receiving direct sunlight or placed beneath air vents supply getting direct airflow or place at a place that is hotter than rest of the house will definitely give inaccurate readings and cause a dramatic shut down of the Aircon.

  • Dirty Air Filter

An air filter is responsible to send pure air to your aircon unit. If it is dirty, it restricts airflow to the main unit and hence causes many problems like an Aircon shutting down, restricts cool air from reaching the room, Aircon making weird noises etc. It’s best to get your filters cleaned and services at regular intervals of time to maintain the efficiency of the Aircon unit.

  • Frozen Condenser Coils

 There is a good chance that if you haven’t gotten your aircons serviced for quite sometime now then your condenser coils may have froze. This affects the cooling cycle and therefore an Aircon can shut down inappropriately and cause problems.

  • Dirty Condenser Coils

If your Aircon hasn’t been serviced for years now, your condenser coils are bound to be loaded with mold and debris and all the possible dirt. Condenser coils do the job of releasing the heat from inside your house and are located inside the outdoor Aircon unit. Your Aircon will start shutting down whenever it wants if Condenser Coils are not taken care of!

  • Oversized Air Conditioners

If you install an Aircon that either too big or too small in accordance with the size of the room, problems are sure to arise. It will reduce the efficiency and functionality of the Aircon unit and you will also see a high rise in your electricity bills. An oversized or an undersized aircon unit will reduce the lifespan of the Aircon and cause the Aircon to shutdown abruptly.

  • Refrigerant Leak

A refrigerant Leak can make your Aircon unit weaker and low on refrigerant. You need a refrigerant to absorb the heat from your house and to cool down the air inside your house. If you Aircon experiences low supply of refrigerant, it makes your compressor to shut down due to low pressure. This wil inturn have a bad effect on your Aircon causingbit to shutdown without a warning!

  • Loose Cables

This is one of the issues why your Aircon can stop working. Not all wires and cables can be perfect and a few loose cables here and there are okay as long as they don’t affect the functionality of the devices. But if you experience shut down of your aircons, this too may be the reason. Therefore, it becomes absolutely important to always have a check on the wires and cables of your house to understand your device functionality better.

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