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The process of buying a perfect air conditioner for your home is never a walk in the park. The reason is that there are thousands of air conditioners and getting a good quality might be a challenge. With all these factors in place, Toshiba gives you an easy task looking for a perfect air conditioner to install. The company has earned a great reputation in Singapore. Toshiba has a variety of models that serves you best either at your office or at home. The company has remained competitive around Singapore with all sizes of air conditioners. As evidenced from the product reviews Toshiba models comes with amazing features that makes them ideal for home use, office use, as well as industries. As a relief to home owners, Toshiba has introduced amazing models around Singapore with unmatched ability to conserve energy and work efficiently. The latest technology in the world of air conditioning have generously been accommodated in numerous Toshiba models.

To help you settle for a perfect air conditioner for your home or office, here is a list of Toshiba models that you can chose from.

1. Toshiba N3 Series.

The N3 series is one of Toshiba icons with a variety of features that will leave you a satisfied customer. The model comes with a quiet operation capability. It is ideal for home use, offices as well as schools. It comes with an easy interface to facilitate easy operation as well as cleaning. Its major capabilities includes.

  • Advanced control options to serve you best and enhance comfort.
  • Ability to work under various climates. This makes it ideal for many areas that are affected by extreme air conditions.
  • Ability to conserve energy.
  • Best for any size of room.
  • Perfect features for home and office use.


  1. Toshiba You Me Inverter Multi-Split Air Conditioner.

Toshiba You Me model is a true demonstration of quality in the world of air conditioning. It represents modern engineering technology. To ascertain this, Toshiba You Me Inverter comes with a digital control option. It is characterized by lower power consumption. This plays a major role in reducing the effect of global warming. The model has earned a great reputation in Singapore. Some of the major features include.

  • A sleek design.

The model comes with an amazing design making it ideal for home use. Its sleek design makes it the best choice for home owners. Besides air conditioning, the model makes your interior more appealing to the eyes.


  • Low power consumption.

Toshiba You Me Inverter model was designed with a major goal of reducing power consumption among others. This was a competitive move considering that there are many other air conditioners that consumes much power hiking the power bills.

  1. Toshiba Multi-Split and Single Split Systems.

The model is ideal for basically any weather. It is one of the most reliable air conditioners in delivering the most comfortable air circulation. It is one of the most affordable brands around Singapore with a number of most resent features. The design is an amazing brand with the capability of serving up to four interior unites under one control. Toshiba Multi-Split and Single Split Systems is wonderfully designed to serve homes, offices as well as industries. If you are looking for a stylish air conditioner for several unites under one control, then Toshiba Multi-Split is exactly what you need. It comes with an easy user interface to make it easy for you to adjust to the desired levels. The physical layout comprises of ducted unites, Console, Cassete as well as the elevated wall models. To enhance air freshness, the model comes with advanced filtration system. Toshiba Multi-Split and Single Split System are characterized by.

  • Low power consumption.
  • Easy user interface.
  • Ability to service multiple unites using one system.
  • Ability to purify the air.


  1. Toshiba Super Digital Inverter System.


Just like the name suggests, the model has highly embraced the digital features in modern technology. It has brought major developments in to the world of air conditioning. To help reduce rotor friction, the model comes with Eco-driving twin-rotary compressors. With the compressors in place, the model is able to perform excellently in cooling as well as heating. Other major features that comes with Toshiba Super Digital Inverter System includes.

  • Highly efficient.

Toshiba Super Digital Inverter System is one of the most efficient air conditioners retailing in Singapore. It has earned a great name and this can be ascertained by the amazing customers’ reviews it has received over the years. The efficiency of this model is demonstrated by its capacities that range from 10 up to 12.5 kW.

  • Low power consumption.

With the introduction of low power rating models, homes in Singapore have expressed a sigh of relieve. Toshiba Super Digital Inverter System is one of the conditioners with amazing capability to conserve energy.

  • Improved operating limits.

The design provides a high level of user friendliness providing an easy interface for the user to adjust to the desired heat levels. This is made possible by an improved piping that comes with this model. Toshiba Super Digital Inverter System comes with unmatched special capabilities such as;

  • Ability to provide extreme low temperatures. This makes it ideal for areas with extremely high temperatures.
  • Ability to work quietly. This goes a long way to enhance the comfort of your room or office.
  • Ability to purify the air by eliminating bad odor as well as contaminated air form your room.
  • Perfect for all sizes of rooms.

All models done by Toshiba have demonstrated a true character of modern air conditioner. The company has maintained quality as a virtue in all its brands. In case you have broken air conditioners at home or in your office, then Toshiba should be your choice of replacement. For those desiring to upgrade their air conditioning machines, your solution is with Toshiba. Positive comments from satisfied customers is enough gospel to confirm that Toshiba air conditioners are the best in the market. All the models have a taste of modern technology as well as durability.




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