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Aircone Services in York Aircon

Aircon Services in York Aircon​

York air conditioner has more than one hundred and thirty years’ experience in the refrigeration, air-conditioning, ventilation, and heating industry. The company is renowned in Singapore and around the world for providing air conditioners can provide comfort both at home and in the office. Its products are able to create a cool and relaxing atmosphere for its users.

The company was founded in 1874 and was based in York, Pennsylvania. Since inception, the company has gone on to win various awards for its innovative concepts and unique product designs. York has over the years been able to leverage its understanding of temperature control to help it come up with the best temperature control solutions for its users.

In Singapore, its products fall into two categories:

  • Residential air conditioning systems
  • Commercial air conditioning systems

1. Residential Air Conditioning Systems

1.  York Multi and Single Split Grande Series

Capacity range: between 9,000 and 18,000 Btu/h

The York Multi and Single Split Grande series has been designed to incorporate a modern and stylish design for the modern homeowner. It is intended to meet all your lifestyle needs with ease. It comes with a sleek flat panel design that is inclusive of other features intended to provide energy efficiency, convenience, and comfort.

Features and Benefits

  • Energy Efficient. Homeowners are set to benefit from its award-winning energy savings rating. It is a rating intended to guarantee optimal temperatures at all times.
  • The turbo feature is one of a kind. Its purpose is to help the building occupants achieve a certain temperature within the shortest time possible. From the onset, this feature ensures that the speed on the fan is running at high. It immediately starts adjusting the temperature to ensure that the required coolness level gets achieved in no time.
  • Follow Me. It is a feature that has been built into its remote. When you activate this feature, the unit located inside the house will set the room temperature by sensing the location of the remote controller.
  • Environmental Friendly. The compressor in the unit utilizes the R410a refrigerant. The compressor is unique in that it does not cause the depletion of the ozone layer. It is also not toxic in any way.
  • The air conditioner comes with an inbuilt ionizer that helps give the people in that house clean and fresh air at all times. The presence of negative oxygen ions assists in simulating blood flow in the body.
  • Sleep Mode. It is a feature designed to automatically increase the room temperature in the bedroom after the first two hours. From there on, it holds a steady temperature where it remains for the next five hours before automatically switching itself off.

2.  York Multi Split Grande High-Efficiency Series

Capacity: between 9,000 and 18,000 Btu/h

This particular model has been highly rated for its energy efficiency. It has received a “very good rating” from the National Environmental Agency in Singapore.

Features and Benefits

  • Energy Efficient. This series has been awarded four ticks when it comes to its energy efficiency. With it, you will be able to get optimum comfort while reducing your monthly energy bills.
  • Smart Control Wi-Fi Function. This particular is optional, meaning that the homeowner can choose to purchase a unit with it or opt to go without it. Where it is included, it comes with a series of smart controls that enable you to pre-cool your home before you arrive. You can also be able to remotely turn the air conditioner on or off.

These are the standout features in this particular series. All its other features are similar to that of the York Multi and Single Split Grande Series discussed earlier on.

3.  York Single Split Wall Mounted R22 50HZ

This is a single split non-inverted air conditioner. It has been designed to provide the rooms in your house with an efficient cooling system to improve your comfort. The unit operates quietly and is well-packaged in a compact and modern design.

Features and Benefits

  • Modern design
  • Auto restart function
  • Quiet operation
  • Operations display and LED temperature controls
  • Efficient cooling
  • Air sweep

Wireless Controller

  • Night light function
  • Slim and elegant design
  • Fan speeds selection
  • LCD display
  • Temperature control range

Condensing unit

  • Valve protection
  • High-efficiency compressor
  • Modern design
  • Low operation noise

2.  Commercial Air Conditioning Units

1.    Air Cooled Package Ducted R22

Capacity: 75,000 to 600,000 Btu/h

This is one of the best-selling commercial air conditioning units from York in Singapore. Its features include:


  • Wireless remote control
  • Compressor protection features. This helps prevent damage from premature failure. It also helps guarantee longer durability
  • Modular outdoor units’ system. The system is able to step up or down depending on the load required
  • Options of air discharge orientation
  • Easy and quick maintenance
  • High-efficiency scroll compressor. Its purpose is to help guarantee a quiet operation coupled with good energy savings

Condensing unit

  • Perfect balance
  • Quiet operation
  • Higher efficiency
  • High durability
  • Greater capability

2.  Ceiling Cassette R 22 Fixed Speed

Capacity: 18,000 to 55,000 Btu/h

Its standout features for the product and condensing unit include:


  • Central and wired remote control functionality
  • High velocity and air flow
  • Wireless remote control
  • Zero louver angle loss
  • Advantage duct design for small rooms that may be located close by
  • Four-way even air circulation
  • Drain pump drives
  • Water condensation protection
  • High performance
  • Low operating noise

Condensing unit

  • Valve protection
  • High-efficiency compressor
  • Modern design
  • Low operation noise

The products covered under the commercial air conditioning category can be used for domestic refrigeration, commercial, and industrial refrigeration purposes.

The York line of air conditioners includes products featuring a broad array of sizes. This is meant to ensure that all customer needs are met. Every model produced by York has been designed to offer maximum efficiency and comfort. The units are also easy-to-operate, install, and maintain. Whether you are looking for an air conditioner to use at home, in the office, in an industry, or in a hotel establishment, you can rest assured that York air conditioning has something for you.

Its models have also been designed to meet the recommended energy efficiency ratings. What this means is that they consume very little amounts of energy.