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Most people have known that Sanyo air conditioning machines are some of the best. The brand offers some of the best air conditioning units ever, something that has been unknown to so many people. For so many years Sanyo has been operating giving and won trust of the customers due to its ability to deliver quality work. Sanyo is brand that unlike some other brands takes into consideration how their users feel even during the harshest weather seasons.

This brand has been serving people for more than 30 years now therefore it has been able to build its reputation over that period of time. Majority of the customers have attested that Sanyo equipment are surely powerful and capable of giving quality services to the user. This company has gone ahead and set a wonderful electricity deal for the customers since their air conditioners does not consume lots of electricity therefore the customers need not to worry about the bills they have to settle with the electricity companies. The machines are able to minimize the amount of electricity they use during operation.

One of the strangest things with this company’s aircon is that the design used on aircon unit has inverter that is already integrated within the system. The work of the inverters in this units is that they control the air conditioner unit depending on a specified frequency level, therefore by doing this they spare you the hassle of keeping checking your air conditioner every now and then, what you need to do is just check if the adjustments have been made though the unit can still do the adjustments by itself.

Nowadays almost everyone has become reliant to the changes brought about by the technology and therefore they get amazed by the experience Sanyo provides them with. This company has different types of models such as Sanyo mini splits heat pump and Sanyo mini split air conditioner. We are going to look at the advantages and disadvantages of these mini split types.

Mini splits System Unit advantages

One of the greatest advantage of the mini splits is their small size and flexibility for zoning or controlling temperatures in individual rooms. You will find that many models has as many as four indoor air handling units which are directly connected to the outdoor unit.

The number of the models depends on how much cooling or heating is required in a room or each zone. In every zone there is a thermostat, there every zone will only be conditioned anytime there is someone present and this saves money.

The ductless minisplit systems are usually easy to install unlike other types of space conditioning systems. In aircon mini split, only a three inch hole is required for a hook up between indoor and outdoor units which is made through a wall using a conduit. Majority of manufactures can also provide a different varieties of connecting conduits.

You can locate the outdoor unit at a distance of around 50 feet from the indoor evaporator. By doing this you allow cooling to the front side of the building by the use of compressor in a conspicuous place outside the building.

In mini splits energy that could be lost through ductwork is conserved since there are no ducts that would create room for central forced air systems. The duct losses are capable of accounting more tha 30% of energy consumed in space conditioning mostly in cases where the ducts are in unconditioned space.

Mini splits provides high levels of flexibility in interior design options as compared to ancient add-on systems. You can suspend the indoor handlers on the ceiling, flush them on drop ceiling or just simply hug them on the wall. There is still floor standing models available. Most of the indoor units are usually brought seven inches deep, and are usually accompanied by high technology jacket sleeks.

For the purposes of making the system operation simpler, man y of this mini splits come with a remote that help in controlling the system unit when it is placed on high heights or suspended on ceiling.

The slip systems also can help keeping home safer since there is only a small hole in the wall. Air conditioners mounted through the wall or window can allow entrance of intruders to the homestead.

Disadvantages of Mini split systems

Whoever is installing must size correctly each indoor unit and determine the best suitable location for it to be mounted.

Short cycling usually occur when the system unit is too big or it is incorrectly located and this case wastes a lot of energy without providing the required temperature as it is supposed to.

Extra-large aircon system units are too expensive therefore many people may not be able to afford it. In other cases you find that many people do like the depicted by the indoor part of the aircon system unit.

Since it is obstructive than wall and window room aircon, the systems seldom have a built-in look of aircon central system.

This models of aircon units must have somewhere to drain the condensate water which should be near the outdoor unit.

It may not be easy to find servicing people and qualified installers of minisplits. Most contractors who are concerned with conventional cooling and heating usually have large investments in training and tools for sheet metal duct systems.

Since they need to earn a return from this ion their investments, they may never recommend ductless systems units unless where they would find it difficult for them to install a ductless system.

Wherever installing distribution ductwork is not feasible they can be a good choice.

Mini splits have two components just like standard air-source heat pumps which are outdoor compressor and indoor handler.

Sanyo being one of the top most aircon company, has created a great positive impact on aircon industry most precisely by its mini split models which in other words are known as ducted system units. Most people have given positive reviews about the company and that with no doubt shows that Sanyo aircon products are recommendable both for domestic and commercial use.