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In particular, air conditioning units are essential during the sweltering summer days. Whether you live in a house or work in an office, you’ll need an air conditioner to make the space comfortable. Imagine being able to stay asleep in a room without an air conditioner.

Aircon servicing is important if you want your air conditioner to work as it should. But do you always need to call in the experts? You can do even the most basic maintenance on your air conditioner. The easiest thing to do is to wash the air conditioner’s filter regularly.

What’s An Air Conditioner Filter?

An air con filter is a mesh that catches dust in the air and keeps it from entering your room through the air conditioner. Some filters are antibacterial and can kill bacteria. This makes them better for homes with people who have asthma or allergies. Remember that some filters are removable and must be changed often (monthly), whereas other, more lasting filters can last for several years.

So Why Would You Clean The Filter In Your Air Conditioner Often? 

Here are a few good reasons why you should do this practice.

Environmental Benefits

If you look at what governments worldwide are doing to combat the greenhouse effect, you’ll see that one of the rules they’ve put in place is encouraging people to maintain their air conditioners in good shape. A clean air conditioner filter is a good first step. If the filters in your air conditioner are clean, they will use less energy and put less heat into the environment.

Good For Your Health

You must ensure the air is clean if you have young children or older adults. Modern air conditioner filters keep dust out of your air conditioner and help clean the air. If your filters are clean, you can avoid getting allergies. This can help keep asthma and other breathing problems from happening.

Reduce Cost

Having clean filters in air conditioners can help cut down on energy costs. It speeds up the cooling rate, so the main parts of an air conditioner only need to run for a shorter time. A clean air conditioner filter can save as much as 1% to 2% on energy costs. In the long run, this may benefit companies with more than one air conditioner.

Cut Down On Wear And Tear.

The component of the air conditioner that costs the most is the compressor. Once the compressor breaks, replacing the whole air conditioning unit is common. If you don’t take care of your air conditioner, the filters will get dirty, and the compressor will have to work more to maintain the room cool. This adds to the amount of wear and tear.

No Training Is Needed.

Cleaning the filters on your compressor can help it last longer and only take a few minutes. Anyone can take out the filter and wash it without much trouble. Unlike air conditioning services, which involve taking apart different parts of the unit, washing the filter is as easy as reading the unit’s manual. Some filters may be quickly thrown away and changed. People can save money by buying air con filters in bulk for air conditioners with this type of filter.


When Should I Change The Filter In My Air Conditioner?

Most people don’t know they have to change the air conditioner’s filter until they notice that the air coming out of the unit is getting warmer and warmer. Most of the time, this takes a few weeks. When you see this, you should immediately change the air conditioner’s filter to keep your unit working well and the room at the right temperature. If you don’t, the air won’t be able to flow out of the room. This will cause dust in the room and stress your system because too much heat builds up in closed spaces.

So How Would I Change The Filter In My Air Conditioner?

Changing the filter in your air conditioner is easy. It would be best to find the right filters, carefully remove the old ones, and put in the new ones. Ensure that you wear gloves before you touch the filters so that dirt or grease doesn’t get on them. You can consider replacement filters at shops near you, and don’t forget to read your unit’s manual!

How Would I Know If The Filter In My Air Conditioner Needs To Be Changed?

There are a few ways to determine if you need to change a filter. Filters are great because they typically come with extras, so you don’t have to assume when it may be time to change them. The most common signs that a filter is working are:

Too Much Pressure Loss In The System Leads To Problems And Leaks.

This happens more frequently when the air conditioner’s filters are blocked with debris and dirt that got past the filter and into the air conditioner. An obstructed filter also makes cooling less effective because the cool air that comes out of the ventilation system rather than moving through the room escapes through the vents.

Slow Air Movement And Not Enough Cooling.

This is typically an indication that the filters could be better or that the unit is running at full power, but more is needed to compensate for the less airflow caused by clogged filters. It also makes the machine work less well, which uses more electricity.

The Wall Underneath Your AC Unit Is Getting Dirty.

This means the filter is not catching all the dust in the air, so some is building up and sticking to things around your AC unit.

The Air Conditioner Breaks Down Or Stops Working.

If your air conditioner starts to work differently, check the filters first. A blocked-up filter can end up causing power problems and excessive heat in the system, which can cause some parts to break or be destroyed. This often happens if you still need to change your filters when you should have.

Your AC Unit Is Giving Off A Slight Smell.

Some units are equipped with filters that kill microorganisms and bacteria and help eliminate bad smells in the room. If your air conditioner has a smell, you should test the filters to see whether you should change them.

Key Takeaways

You must clean the filter for the air conditioner. This is not only easy to do but can also save you a significant amount of money over time. Looking for someone to take care of your air conditioner? Check out how much it costs to service your air conditioner at SoCool.